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About Us

Preformed Markings Ltd is the UK and Irelands leading supplier of preformed thermoplastic material. Our product can be applied to many surfaces, asphalt being the most common. The product can also be applied to concrete, granite and metal etc, by using Premark® Primer, when preparing the surface.

The life of our material, when correctly applied, is 10 times longer than paint.

Please browse through our website and look at the many and varied uses of preformed thermoplastic and contact us for more information.

“The preformed thermoplastic you can trust”

Dave Bryant - Managing Director

“Here at Preformed Markings we ensure that quality and service come first”

Dave Bryant, Managing Director, Preformed Markings

Preformed Products
Traffic Applications
Decorative Playgrounds
Safety Applications
Liquid Products

Latest News

Preformed Markings Ltd ‘slip’ in to assist the Environment Agency...

Monday February 10th, 2014

The Environment Agency has come under speculation recently, but not in Wales were ‘Natural Resources Wales’ has adopted a surface treatment to aid risPreformed Markings Ltd ‘slip’ in to assist the Environment Agency